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Looking for a reliable source for your pallets? You’re in the right spot. We don’t just manufacture pallets, skids, and crates. We make all of our products directly from our own lumber yards to avoid supply chain issues. This ensures that we have a quality supply of lumber whenever we need it.


Need a custom pallet, skid, or crate? We can help with that too. We’ve created all sorts of products to help meet our client’s specific needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and we’ll come up with a plan to create the products you need to fit your needs and specifications.


Our State-of-the-art manufacturing facility is designed to produce high quality hardwood and pine pallets effectively and efficiently. This allows us to provide competitive pricing and on time delivery for our customers.

Pallet Recycling and Removal

SPI offers a recycle repair program where we will remove unwanted pallets from our customers site. The Recycle Division produces truckloads of recycled pallets each day. These pallets can be loaded onto flatbeds or van trailers directly from our loading dock. Southern Packaging can combine new wood from one of our sawmills and recycled lumber to provide a “combo” pallet. The “combo” pallet is a less expensive alternative to new pallets.

Southern Packaging has over twenty years of experience in pallet recycling. We offer a wide range of pallet management programs, as well as a wide range of pallet sizes. We can build any size pallet either from reclaimed lumber or a combination of new and recycled material. Please call us to compare your present pallet program with one we offer. This comparison will ensure you are recieving the best available pricing and pallet management program for your needs.






Let us know what type of pallets you’re looking for, how many you need, when you need them, and where you want them delivered.



Get back to whatever you need to do with your busy day knowing that your pallets will be delivered on time, every time.

My name is Cody Hunt and I have been an employee at Dow Chemical since 2012. I am a Logistics Technical Advisor/Solids Handling & Packaging SME. Day to day I am involved with every aspect of our warehousing assets including (equipment procurement, issue resolution, raw material consumption & procurement, etc.) Dow and Southern Packaging have been doing business for 30 years. SPI is by far one of our most integral supply partners that we do business with from a raw material supply chain standpoint. Dow was one of the first customers that SPI began servicing and their service and support has been of the highest quality ever since. We rely on pallets built by Southern Packaging, that are of the highest quality and performance, in order to keep our operation moving with a top tier product.

SPI has made it a foundational pillar of their company to deliver a quality product to its customers while also having a premier customer service department that is always knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated to going the extra mile. There have been many occasions that we have been in immediate dire need of multiple truckloads of pallets in order to keep our operation running and without hesitation they had trucks heading our way that very same day.

We have worked closely with SPI for a great many years now and it has truly been a pleasure to interface and work with their entire staff top to bottom. Working with a supplier like SPI allows our operation to run so much smoother and allows us to get our products out of the door without any distress or concern for quality.

It is because of all these company characteristics that give way to numerous examples of why we are looking forward to the opportunity of additional business with SPI.

– Cody Hunt

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